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Teenager? Or politician? Sometimes it’s not so easy to tell.

  • Both want your money.
  • Both will do anything to get it.
  • Both say you can trust them completely.
  • Neither understands why you won’t.
  • When caught in a lie, both initially deny the accusation, then claim they “misspoke,” and finally try to blame you, saying it’s really your fault because of something you did.
  • Both give out your phone number to fundraisers — with teenagers, it’s to the PTA; with politicians, it’s to the NRA.
  • Both can be lobbied.
  • Both trade favors.
  • Both have ulterior motives.
  • Both need you more than you need them.
  • Neither sees it that way.
  • Neither is very good at keeping a promise, but both always have what they think is a perfectly good excuse for why not.
  • When it comes to priorities, both believe the same thing: party first.
  • Both would do anything to be more popular.
  • No matter how innocent they seem, both are guilty of something that you won’t find out about until later.

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